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OES Technology Patent acquired

January 8, 2016 News, Wire Industry

A leading intellectual property firm has acquired OES’s patent for a Vehicle Operator Alertness Monitoring System. The technology encompasses a unique approach to enhance vehicle operational safety with the integration of biometrics. The technology simply explained, involves monitoring the heart rate of the vehicle operator for detection of certain characteristic changes in the rhythm which can be associated with consciousness and falling asleep.

Gordon Ngo, a secondary school student at the time, and who has since graduated from University of Western Ontario (UWO) Engineering, developed his idea with support from OES engineering during his 2011 and 2012 summer internship at OES. His idea and the technology behind it was recognized as very novel. Consequently OES filed a US patent application in November of 2011, and received the patent in February 2014.

Since this time there has been considerable interest and investigative work by leading automotive companies to integrate biometrics into vehicles for the purpose of operational safety. “This advanced technology may one day provide a range of convenience and safety benefits to drivers and other road users” expressed by a major automotive car manufacturer researching a similar solution.

OES is a leading supplier of in-process monitoring products and technologies that ensure part quality for automotive electrical wiring applications. OES products have been widely adopted by wire harness manufacturers and to machine suppliers globally. These products are on the front line of critical assembly processes to prevent part defects from entering the automotive supply chain. OES continues to expand their product series with new and innovative technology solutions, the success of which is a result of OES’s ongoing commitment to R&D and new product development. OES currently holds 9 US patents with two patents pending.