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Another first from OES

October 23, 2020

A revolution in color customization.

We’re proud to bring another “its never been done before until now” OES innovation to the scoreboard industry.

Years ago we revolutionized scoreboards with the introduction of white LED digits along with the option to mix and match five different LED digit colors (red, amber, white, blue, and green) on a single scoreboard.

With ColorCast we’re once again advancing digit capabilities by bringing the latest LED video screen technology to our scoreboards. Each ColorCast digit utilizes the same SMD 3-in-1 LEDs used in our LED video displays which allows us to provide the broadest range of digit color options in the industry today. Choose from 15 standard digits colors, all available to mix and match on your scoreboard, at no additional cost.

When you upgrade your ColorCast scoreboard to ColorCast Pro, our digit technology allows you to select virtually any digit color imaginable. You can change digit colors live in-game and on demand, and dynamic in game setting options can change the appearance of your scoreboard based on the current state of play.

We’re excited to be able to give our customers more flexibility and choice when it comes to designing a fixed digit scoreboard for a school or venue.

For more information about ColorCast talk to your OES Scoreboards Sales Representative or contact us.