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Three divisions.
Unlimited possibilities.

If you’re looking for a company where electronics, technology and sports collide with innovation, you’ve found it. We provide unique and diverse solutions across a broad range of applications, markets and customers through three business divisions – OES Technologies, OES Video & Scoreboards, and OES Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).

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Electronic Manufacturing Services

We’re trusted advisors to companies who need EMS solutions for their complex technical challenges, unique vision and mission critical applications. Our customers leverage our design, rapid prototype and engineering capabilities so they can focus on getting to market sooner and growing their business faster.

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Video Displays & Scoreboards

From the major leagues to little leagues and every league in between, you’ll find our solutions quite literally lighting up the game. As leaders in LED video displays and scoreboard solutions we’re trusted by professional leagues; our scoring and timing solutions can be found in 40% of the venues for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA teams. We bring this pro venue expertise to every customer we partner with.

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No wires crossed here. In 41 years and 16 patents later, we're a global leader in wire harness quality assurance technology. Our expertise comes from examining thousands of wire harness manufacturing lines, creating hundreds of applications, and installing thousands of crimp force systems worldwide. It’s why thousands of manufactures trust us and our devices to take their quality to new levels of excellence.

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Our Patents and Industry Firsts

US Patent No. 5,841,675

Method and apparatus for monitoring quality of electrical wire connections.

US Patent No. 6,496,271

Wire and seal profile analyzer for in-process inspection of wire end.

US Patent No. 6,798,213

Circuit analyzer with component testing capability.

US Patent No. 6,885,463

Sensor device that provides part quality and profile information.

US Patent No. 7,216,519

Strain monitoring for part quality analysis.

US Patent No. 7,333,906

Quality analysis including cumulative deviation determination.

US Patent No. 7,409,368

Dutch auction system with preregistered bid features.

US Patent No. 7,603,909

Piezoelectric polymer sensor device.

US Patent No. 7,719,695

Sensor device with a radiation directing surface.

US Patent No. 7,765,841

Quality analysis of the tube bending processes including mandrel fault detection.

US Patent No. 8,659,436

Vehicle operator alertness monitoring system.

US Patent No. 9,358,444

Display system including DC locally synchronized power line communication.

US Patent No. 9,880,213

Conductor monitor device and method.

US Patent No. 9,945,892

Wire processing machine including a conductor device.

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