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OES’s co-op student becomes an inventor

December 24, 2013 News

Proceeding his final year of high school, student Gordon Ngo, worked at OES for a summer to develop his idea for an Operator Alert System for motor vehicle safety.  It was a novel idea and backed by significant research.   With support from OES, Gordon was encouraged to take the invention to the next level by applying for a US patent.   After three years since applying for the patent, we were very pleased to receive notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that the patent application was granted, and an official patent successfully attained.


Gordon is currently enrolled in a combined degree program for Engineering and Medicine; The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry with Biochemical, Civil, Electrical, Integrated, Mechanical and Software Engineering (BESc and MD), at Western University (formerly, The University of Western Ontario).   We are very proud of Gordon and looking forward to seeing what his bright future holds.

OES President Linda Russell presenting Gordon with his patent

OES President Linda Russell presenting Gordon with the patent